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modern cloth diapers

modern cloth diapers

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Lumina cloth diapers

Lumina cloth diapers

Our own brand, developed by moms for moms and their babies

Lenolana Jausendose Kinder

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Take a look at our products for a sustainable (family) life

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Here you can find all the products for the Austrian diaper voucher

Bamboolik Stoffwindel Starterpaket

Starter packages for the start of changing diapers

Complete packages for starting fabric wrapping or for specific circumstances

Lenolana Jausendose Kinder

Sustainable range

Here you will find everything about a sustainable (family) everyday life

Neu im Sortiment

Sumo Baby, die mehrfach Preisgekrönte Windel aus Deutschland. Das Material wurde selbst entwickelt und ist auf seine Weiße Einzigartig

Why you will soon want to use cloth diapers

Three main reasons to use cloth diapers

Protects the environment

One baby = approx. 5000 disposable diapers = approx. 1.5 tons of diaper waste = 500 years of rotting time on the garbage mountain

Disposable diapers use a lot of water and CO2 during production, but even more when disposing of them, since the "super absorbers" can only be burned with the addition of fuel (but not petroleum and goes to the landfill).

Cloth diapers = can be used by multiple children = less to no waste = create awareness for you and your child to make the world a better place

Healthier for your child

Disposable diapers contain superabsorbents that convert liquid into gel. These are chemical processes that generate heat and take place directly on your child's intimate area. Many other ingredients are questionable, but they do not have to be stated.

With cloth diapers, you know exactly what is touching your child's skin and you decide what you want to pamper your baby with.

And so much more, you can find it all in our blog

Save yourself money

5000 disposable diapers cost an average of €2000 - €3500 per child - always depending on the brand.

Cloth diapers cost around €500-600 with comfortable, complete equipment from birth to drying. You can use the diapers for multiple children or sell them again after use. There are more and more government subsidies for cloth diapers, such as the diaper voucher, where you get around €100 back if you decide to buy cloth diapers.

Our sustainable brands

Our YouTube channel

On our YouTube channel you will find all the information about cloth diapers and life with them. Stefanie makes the videos with love and care and answers all questions.


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