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Diaper voucher & funding in Austria

How does the diaper voucher work in Austria and the funding of the state of Carinthia

Diaper voucher, what is that?

Save money with the diaper voucher in Austria

With the cloth diaper voucher you get an average of €100 for free when you buy a cloth diaper package.

I'll give you a practical example:

For example, you live in Vienna. The funding here is €100.

So you are now buying cloth diapers for €250 or more because you would like to change your baby with them.

Your cloth diaper voucher is €100, which means you actually only pay €150 for your cloth diapers!

Which you can use throughout the changing time.

And much more for your next baby.

And everything works very simply

This is how it works!

The WIWA association works with the waste association, municipalities, federal states, producers and dealers of cloth diapers in Austria so that you get this starting bonus and we all contribute a financial part to it.

You can get a cloth diaper package with which you can start diapering from around €250. If you add accessories or perhaps order night diapers or newborn diapers, you will get the big voucher. (Vienna and the state of Styria excluded) In most cases the minimum amount is €350 (may vary regionally), which you have to spend on cloth diapers in order to redeem the diaper voucher.

In order to ensure a certain standard, not all cloth diapers are funded. The WIWA association checks whether:

  • the diapers are produced sustainably
  • the working conditions in production are good
  • The quality of the diapers meets the club's standards

In addition, the manufacturer must of course also want to work together.

That's why please always make sure that you put diaper voucher-eligible brands and products in your shopping cart.

Where can the voucher be redeemed?

Unfortunately, funding is not available throughout Austria. However, the following federal states are currently there almost everywhere:

  • Vienna
  • Lower Austria
  • Upper Austria
  • Salzburg
  • Burgenland
  • Styria

If you would like to know exactly which communities are supporting you, you can find it here on the website

WIWA Association .

How are things now in the federal state of Carinthia?

Promotion of the state of Carinthia

Carinthia has come up with something different, because this federal state supports funding everywhere and across the country itself.

And this is how it all works:

  • You buy cloth diapers, no matter what brand, in a shop from Austria. Regardless of whether it is a physical store or an online shop
  • You fill out the applications, which you can download here, and send them to the responsible office
  • Then you will get up to a maximum of €100 back from the country after the processing time

What do you have to pay attention to?

A few important things to promote

  • The person submitting the application must be the same as the account holder (otherwise the transfer will not be made)
  • The cloth diapers must be purchased in Austria and must be purchased new or with an invoice from an official dealer
  • The cloth diapers can be purchased from 2020
  • The invoice amount doesn't matter - at €80 you get it back, at €150 you get the maximum of €100 back
  • The funding can be redeemed once per child

You can download and edit the necessary forms right here so that you can submit them straight away.

Please note - you always need the form for the year your child was born or the year the cloth diapers were purchased

Funding forms for 2023

Funding forms for 2024


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