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Training to become a cloth diaper consultant

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Do you love cloth diapers and can't get enough of them?

Do you want to talk about it all day and find everything really interesting?

But you've noticed that most people in your area don't even know about cloth diapers ! And those who know her have a completely wrong picture of it!

Do you want to change that?

Then train to become a cloth diaper consultant and help other parents to better understand cloth diapers and make them better known.

Take away their fear and show new parents how easy it is to change diapers with cloth diapers!

What's included?

This is how it works

Stefanie Maier, the founder of the cloth diaper shop, now focuses exclusively on cloth diaper and diaper-free advice as well as the training of cloth diaper consultants. On her website she now offers courses and training on the subject of cloth diapers and diaper-free.

Andrea now also offers you the opportunity to expand the cloth diaper consultant course with one

Practical day in Klagenfurt/Wörthersee including on-site examination - with this variant you can expect many additional advantages.

You have the choice between the online exam and the exam directly on the practical day

Take a look now at what awaits you in the course and in the exam!

Du bist bereits Beraterin

Dann komm zum Praxistag

Beim Praxistag mit Andrea in Klagenfurt triffst du dich nicht nur mit Gleichgesinnten, sondern bekommst noch praktische Tipps für deine Beratungen und Workshops.

Es werden nicht nur Übungen gemacht sondern du kannst nochmal alles sehen was du wissen möchtest.

Ebenfalls bekommst du eine eigene Beratertasche, auf Wunsch gefüllt und an deine Bedürfnisse angepasst.

Bist du gerade mit der Ausbildung bei Stefanie fertig? Dann kannst du die Prüfung vor Ort ablegen und bekommst dein Zertifikat direkt. Es ist für Essen und Triken gesorgt und am Ende können wir gemeinsam ein Abendessen genießen.

Genaue Informationen bekommst du nach Anmeldung unter dem Link.

Der nächste Praxistag findet am 28. September 2024 statt, schnell Anmelden, die Plätze sind beschränkt!!

Must have for cloth diaper consultants

The LIFI organizer for consultants

Never lose track of your cloth diapers again?

Which products do I have and which rental package did something come with? And where is which package anyway? Are you still managing all of this with lists or tables? This can be an end now, try LiFi organizer today. The tool specifically for cloth diaper consultants

Are you already a cloth diaper consultant or midwife?!

Become an affiliate

You already have the counselor training and advise families and expectant parents. Then you have the opportunity to improve your wallet with our affiliate program. Simply register on our site and then we'll get started.

What do you need?

A confirmation or certificate of your training as a cloth diaper consultant or midwife.


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