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Bamboolik period underwear Underbelly universal | strong days

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Period underwear from Bamboolik for heavier days

Made in the EU.

  • Sizes from S to XL,
  • Absorbency:
    • Period underwear Underbelly | moderate to heavy bleeding | Bamboolik moderate to heavy bleeding

the special features of Underbelly:

  1. They are made of Micro-Modal . Comfortable to wear and easy to care for.

  2. Reliable — with a waterproof, yet breathable membrane .

  3. The best cut when it comes to period underwear - it's not bulky and doesn't get in the way. The elastic waistband fits every woman.

  4. They are entirely made in the EU - Bamboolik attaches great importance to local and sustainable production.

The Underbelly period underwear consists of four layers. Each layer of fabric has its own function:

  1. Upper material : This contact layer transfers the menstrual blood to deeper layers, but this material never feels cold or wet. The upper material is soft and has antibacterial properties thanks to the silver particles.

  2. Absorbent layer : This absorbent layer can absorb as much blood as several tampons combined ( Period underwear Underbelly | moderate to heavy bleeding | Bamboolik Period underwear – approx. 3 tampons)

  3. Impermeable membrane . Incredible breathability and high moisture impermeability. No need to worry about getting blood on your clothes or sweating. Underbelly underwear is also a good choice in summer - whether under a dress or skirt.

  4. The outer layer is made of Micro-Modal , which gives the Underbelly period underwear the appearance of normal (and beautiful) underwear. It is incredibly soft and doesn't feel bulky. Thanks to the elastane, the period underwear will neither shrink nor wear out.

How do I use my period underwear:

  1. It is the best choice for young girls who have just started their period for the first time and are still getting used to everything. Underbelly period underwear has a youthful design and is as comfortable as normal underwear.

  2. For heavier bleeding. This means that women can continue to live confidently as if their periods weren't even there.

  3. For those who have heavy periods , period underwear serves as a safety net in combination with other menstrual products such as tampons, pads or menstrual cups . Menstrual underwear can even replace all sanitary pads and can act as an additional layer for tampons and menstrual cups .

  4. For all those who practice free menstruation . Period underwear is intended as additional protection for all those days when you would like a little more security. Even though your underwear might be stain-free at the end of the day, you might save yourself another bathroom break during a long meeting.

  5. Period panties are super comfortable, especially in summer ! With this underwear under a light skirt or a nice summer dress, you won't be able to guess what secret it hides, even in a gust of wind. And changing these underwear is quick and easy, which is particularly appreciated by wearers with heavy bleeding.

  6. Period underwear is also ideal for anyone with mild incontinence .

How do I wash my period underwear?

  1. That's not a big deal. If your period underwear has a few stains, simply wash it out with cold water . This prevents permanent stains on your underwear (the hemoglobin in the blood leaves permanent stains when it comes into contact with warm water).

  2. After washing, simply throw it in the washing machine . Underbelly recommends washing the underwear at 40°C , but we also washed it at 60°C and it came out fine. The underpants have not shrunk and their function has not been affected. But, as Underbelly recommends, use liquid and environmentally friendly detergent.

  3. Do not use fabric softener or dryer and do not iron period underwear. The heat can destroy the waterproof membrane.

  4. How long do period underwear last ? Years, as long as you treat them nicely. Not only do they help you save a lot of money, but you also help the environment. Every normal woman produces around 150 kg of non-biodegradable waste in her life. Who wants to be normal?

  5. Our insider tip for storing period underwear that you have already worn: A wet bag (in case you want to change your underwear during the day.) They are inconspicuous and machine washable.

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Bamboolik period underwear Underbelly universal | strong days

€39,90 Regular price €44,90
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