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Bamboolik period underwear YUUKI for heavier days

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Period underwear from Bamboolik for very heavy days

The Yuuki period underwear has an elongated protection area that extends to the back waistband. Compared to other brands, Yuuki underwear is suitable for even the heaviest of days . Leak-proof period underwear with leak protection that extends to the waistband.

The absorbent layer is invisible from the outside and is not noticeable even when worn. The underwear is cut so that it is neither too tight nor too loose and can be worn discreetly even for women with more curves. Available in S—XL .

3-layer period underwear from Yuuki:

  • Super soft cotton surface - wicks moisture away from the skin and on to the innermost absorbent layers.

  • Cotton absorbent layers — absorbs blood. This layer absorbs up to 3 tampons of liquid.

  • Liquid-impermeable layer made of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) for 100% reliability.

When do I use period underwear?

  • They are great for all girls who are getting their period for the first time. Teens may initially feel uncomfortable with the feeling of extra visibility that sanitary pads cause when worn. Tampons are an even bigger step. Period underwear is discreet and feels more like regular underwear.

  • For everyone on their light or medium days - when you don't have to change your underwear during the day. Especially in the colder seasons, this means that you have to take off your clothes completely.

  • On warm summer days, menstrual panties are a good choice for every woman. Taking off under a summer dress or skirt can be organized quickly and easily. And even if the skirt comes off in Marilyn Monroe style :), don't worry, this underwear looks like normal underwear.

  • Period underwear is for all women who practice menstruation freely and use it as a backup. It doesn't matter whether the bleeding is heavier or lighter.

  • Period underwear is popular as incontinence underwear.

  • Thanks to the elongated protection area, these underpants are also good protection during the night! Regardless of whether you sleep on your back, stomach or side, the Yuuki will get you through the night safely.


Wash the underwear at 30°C (yes they are machine washable ), please do not iron or throw them in the dryer.

Yuuki period underwear is developed in the Czech Republic (Europe) and manufactured in China under Czech supervision.

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Bamboolik period underwear YUUKI for heavier days

€21,90 Regular price €23,90
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