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Bamboolik pull-on overpants PUL

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Your perfect companion for the night

With slip-on overpants you can ensure a dry bed at night, as their soft cuffs on the legs and stomach prevent them from slipping. You use a pant diaper underneath to make the night package perfect.

Pull-on overpants are also perfect for the following circumstances

  • Older and already very active babies often categorically refuse to stop their play and lie down for a diaper change - not even for a few minutes. The Pull Up diaper is easy to put on in any position - your baby can stand, sit or crawl.

  • Parents of very chubby babies may have problems with the cuffs of classic diapers being too tight. This is not a problem with pull-up diapers. The hems on the legs and waist are made of super soft Stay Dry fabric with elastic inside so that they adapt perfectly to the proportions of your little wearer. The Stay Dry fabric does not absorb moisture and remains dry, even if the absorbent diaper underneath is soaked.

Size table - pull-on overpants | Bamboolik

How do I wash my pull-on overpants?

Like other cloth diapers, always machine wash the PUL diaper covers at 60°C before first use. Please do not use bleach or fabric softener. Do not iron or tumble dry (heat could damage the waterproof coating). PUL diaper covers dry quickly anyway, there's no need to rush it.

ATTENTION: Never wash PUL overpants by hand - rubbing the delicate fabric with your hand can cause cracks in the waterproof coating.

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Bamboolik pull-on overpants PUL

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