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lenolana menstrual cup

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lenolana menstrual cup

Product information:

Do you want to save on waste but don't want to rely on the comfort that tampons offer?

Then menstrual cups are just right for you!

Did you know that a woman uses up to 17,000 disposable products for her period from her first to her last period?

A pack of 16 tampons costs an average of €2.50. If you add that up, you get around 2,600? !

So you see, with reusable hygiene products you not only save a huge amount of waste, but also a lot of money.

Most women use a menstrual cup for 2-3 years, but some use it longer.

I know it's a topic that scares many people at first and makes many women feel uncomfortable. The most important questions answered briefly:

What, should I introduce this part? No way!

In fact, a menstrual cup looks larger and more uncomfortable than tampons. In practice, however, if a cup fits well, you won't feel it at all. You are just as free with it as with a tampon. What's a big plus is that you can go into the sauna naked even during your period because you don't have any annoying bands sticking out. The menstrual cup disappears completely into your body and you don't see anything about it.

And honestly, if you've ever had sex or even given birth vaginally, then a mini cup really isn't worth it ;-)

But the blood is disgusting!

Well, blood is part of menstruation whether you want it or not. Just like cloth diapers help children become aware of their waste, a menstrual cup helps you connect better with your body. This may be a bit strange at first, but after a few cycles it's the most natural thing in the world, because that's what it is ;-)

Dare, it will be good for you and your body!

Which size should I choose?

Size 1 is more suitable for women who:

  • have medium to light menstrual bleeding
  • have rather narrow hips
  • young women
  • Women who have never had sex or are rarely sexually active
  • very sporty women (especially yoga, Pilates, horse riding... anything that strengthens the pelvic floor)
  • have not yet given birth vaginally

Conversely, you should take size 2 if you:

  • have a heavy period
  • have very femininely shaped hips
  • you notice that jumping on the trampoline is no longer as carefree as it was as a child ;-)
  • you have regular vaginal sexual contact
  • you are moderately to not very athletic
  • Have given birth to 1 or more children vaginally

Of course, these are only rough details, as the most important point is the condition of your pelvic floor and the strength of your periods. If your pelvic floor is well trained, then you can definitely use the small cup. If your period is heavy, you should choose size 2.

How do I fold a menstrual cup?

The most common folding methods are shown here. When folded, you insert the cup and then it opens inside to unfold. It takes a little practice to insert the cup so that it fits perfectly, so don't be discouraged if it doesn't work right away. To start with, it's best to use a washable panty liner as a backup.

Manufacturer information:


  • Size 1: Height: 5.8cm; Diameter: 3.7mm
  • Size 2: Height: 6.3cm, Diameter: 4.4mm


    • medical silicone

    Scope of delivery:

    • 1 menstrual cup
    • 1 cotton bag for storage

    Cleaning and care:

    Please boil the lenolana menstrual cup for a few minutes before each use. This way you can ensure that any bacteria are killed.

    The top priority is to keep your hands clean. Please wash your hands thoroughly with soap BEFORE removing the menstrual cup.

    Every time you change your menstrual cup, you pour the menstrual blood into the toilet and ideally wash the cup out with water. There are also special cleaning wipes, but you can also simply wipe the cup with some toilet paper or simply put it back in.

    You can also clean the cup every time with a disinfectant spray.

    After your period, please boil the menstrual cup for about 5 minutes. Make sure to also clean the small holes under the edge. Then your cup goes into the small cotton bag in which the cup was delivered and waits for its next use.

    If you have any questions about this, write to us at

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    lenolana menstrual cup

    €12,90 Regular price €16,90
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