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Lumina pocket diaper organic cotton incl. insert 5-17kg

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The pocket diaper with natural cotton, skin-friendly and with double leg cuffs

Our own brand gets new company with this great pocket diaper made of organic cotton including absorbent pad made of organic cotton

What makes them so special?

The pocket diaper made of organic cotton from Lumina is covered on the inside with a layer of organic cotton that directs the moisture into the absorbent core of the diaper. Perfect for babies with sensitive skin. It also has double leg cuffs made of a wonderfully soft material and therefore fits all babies and therefore holds even more tightly.

Pocket diapers can be easily prepared, making them ideal for on the go. You simply take the absorbent pad that is included and, if necessary, absorbent pads from use at home and fill the diaper as needed. This way you know exactly how much absorbency you need and can adapt the diaper ideally to you and your baby's needs.

Pocket diapers made from organic cotton are also often used by people who are not cloth diaper professionals, as they are most similar to disposable diapers. If your child is cared for by a grandma, uncle or in daycare, pocket/all-in-ones are a great alternative to disposable diapers. Simply bring the required number of diapers with a wet bag and you can pick them up with your child.

We highly recommend the additional inserts made from bamboo charcoal, hemp or bamboo from Lumina, as they offer you great combination options.


Thanks to the absorbent pad already included, you already have savings on the pads.


The Pocket/All-in-One fits well with babies from around 5 kg and can be carried up to 17 kg, depending on their stature.


Outer layer: 100% polyester with PUL coating

Inner layer: 100% organic cotton

Included absorbent pad: 100% organic cotton


The diaper can be washed at 60°C. Please do not use fabric softener, harsh stain removers or chlorine bleach.

Please do not use detergents with a soap or oil content of more than 5%, as the absorbency of the diaper may suffer.

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Lumina pocket diaper organic cotton incl. insert 5-17kg

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