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11 answers to the most frequently asked questions - quick cloth diaper user lexicon

11 Antworten zu den meistgestellten Fragen - Schnelles Stoffwindel-Nutzer-Lexikon

Frequently asked questions & helpful tips

Here are a few more questions that I asked myself and that interested parents ask again and again. If you don't understand certain things (don't worry, everyone does that at the beginning), then I advise you to click through our BLOG entries, here you'll get a good basic overview.

Question 1

My baby always has a red bottom! Will cloth diapers make things better?

Unless there is a medical problem that you should clarify beforehand, all I can say is:

Yes definitely!

In most cases, red rashes get better or disappear completely after 1 to 2 days. Except when teething or when the stool is particularly spicy due to food, babies also get a red bottom, but this cannot be avoided. All I can say is that it is WORLDS better. For my daughter I got by with 2 sample packs of butt ointment and for my son it was even less.

If you have a very sensitive baby and your pediatrician hasn't found anything special, then it's best to contact me and I'll help you find a diaper that's right for you.

Popolini diaper fleece

Question 2

How often do I have to change cloth diapers?

I can't say that in general terms, but depending on which system you're interested in, the diapers stay tight for between 2 and 3 hours during the day and around 12 hours at night. The “average cloth diaper” lasts between 3 and 4 hours, some even 6 hours. But then there is always the question of whether you want your baby to lie in a full diaper for that long...

Basically, diaper changing should be done according to needs, i.e. if the diaper is dirty, it should be changed or after a maximum of 3 hours during the day. (and it doesn't matter whether it's a cloth or a disposable diaper)

Popolini knitted diaper

Question 3

Is it true that children dry out faster?

If you help, definitely! When a baby pees in a disposable diaper, the pee goes boom and the pee is gone, as if it was never there. With a cloth diaper, the children notice that they pee → wet the diaper. If they become restless or even pull at the diaper and you notice this and then change the diaper, the babies will remember this. Your baby will soon tell you when it wants to be changed. If you do this now, you will show your baby that he can tell you what he wants and then he will get cleaned up quicker.

If you have a fixed changing rhythm and your baby is changed, let's say, every 4 hours and the train goes over it, the learning effect won't work. This means your baby will take just as long to get dry as with disposable diapers.

In Austria and Germany it is often still common practice that the diaper has to “last” for a certain amount of time. But just imagine how you would feel if you had to wear a diaper again. Wouldn't you also be happy if someone could free you from the diaper you've worn, knowing that there's something inside instead of leaving you lying in it?

Popolini holding trousers Easy Free

Question 4

What are your experiences with leak protection, especially on the go and at night?

With cloth diapers, YOU decide how long they should stay tight, that's the great thing about it! If you are on the go and it can take longer until the next diaper change, then take a pant diaper, perhaps even with an additional insert, or a pocket diaper with two absorbent inserts (e.g. bamboo charcoal, or Culla di Teby Bamboo Sty Dry) and you can easily be on the go for 4 hours . (Unless your baby has a bowel movement, then I always recommend changing immediately. Red bottom and all...)

Preferably one at night too Panty diaper Add one or two inserts, overpants over it and you're done. For people who like to eat a lot, you can use virgin sheep's wool trousers instead of the PUL overpants and they'll stay super tight!

Wool pull-on trousers Popolini

Question 5

How many cloth diapers should I buy and how many diaper covers?

Let's say you change diapers about 5 times a day (sometimes more, rarely less) and wash the diapers every 2-3 days. Then you'll need a different number of diapers depending on the system. Here is the information if you only use one system (i.e. either all-in-ones OR panty diapers OR ...)

For the day:

  • 20 - 23 All in Ones
  • 20 -24 panty diapers, with approx. 4 -5 overpants (no extra night diapers)
  • 5 - 7 overpants with around 35 inserts (small baby - 1 insert, so change it more often, larger baby - 2 inserts, so don't change it as often)
  • especially with 3 in 1 systems like Culla the Teby: 4 overpants, 2-3 extra inner diapers, approx. 30 inserts

and for the night:

  • 3-5 panty diapers with 1-2 pants covers, preferably slip-on pants made of PUL or wool

Of course, you can also mix different diaper systems as you wish. As a general rule of thumb, buy diapers that will last you about 20 to 25 times, then you'll need to do laundry about every 2-3 days.

That's good enough to start with. If it gets too stressful for you, add 2-3 more. But it's better to take less at the beginning, see what you like and then buy accordingly. It is definitely more energy efficient to have a few more diapers and therefore not need a dryer.

Lumina All in One overpants

Question 6

How do I store full cloth diapers at home? And how long can I store them unwashed?

Ideally in a large wetbag, an open bucket with a laundry net, whatever you want. That she Being open is important because then the ammonia gases can evaporate and the diapers don't stink. Always throw away the paper fleece straight away, as it can stink. The diaper container should be stored in a cool place, so please do not place it directly on the underfloor heating, next to a radiator or in direct sunlight.

If you have washed a diaper with water, it should be washed after one to 2 days, otherwise it may become moldy (doesn't have to be, but could be). Once you've washed the diapers, it's best to let them dry so you can wait to wash them.

So you're on the safe side if you wash every other day, if you only wash after 3 or 4 days, then let the diapers dry a little in the meantime.

Lumina Wetbag XL

Question 7

The right detergent – ​​what should you pay attention to?

The detergent is particularly relevant for sensitive fabrics such as bamboo viscose or microfiber. With cotton it doesn't really matter which detergent you use. Please choose the most sensitive material for your diapers.

What shouldn't be included:

  • No optical brighteners
  • No fabric softener
  • Soap content over 5% → only applies to microfiber
  • no harsh stain removers or chlorine bleach

For more information, please read “ Washing and caring for cloth diapers

Cloth diaper laundry

Question 8

Do I have to pre-wash cloth diapers by hand?

No, you basically don't have to. If some stool doesn't land exactly on the paper fleece that you immediately throw into the trash, you can simply rinse off the "leftovers" with a hard shower jet.

Please soften your diapers never before washing. There are still rumors that you should do this, but you will destroy your diapers very quickly.

Breast milk stool is water-soluble and must always be washed out as it comes out when washed anyway. But that's a matter of taste and it's best for you to decide what suits you best.

Cloth diaper changing table

Question 9

Are there special diaper detergents recommended by cloth diaper manufacturers?

Yes there is:

Of course, there are also some other detergents that mothers use and also work well. In most cases, a normal detergent from the store will do the trick, but since the recipes are often changed, fillers are often used and some detergents are simply very aggressive, the overpants can quickly leak or the inserts can become saponified. That's why we're very sure that these detergents are good because we know the manufacturers.
Ulrich of course diaper detergent

Question 10

I want to go baby swimming with my baby, is there anything there?

But yes! There are also very sweet ones Swim diapers are just as reliable as their disposable counterparts, only nicer ;-) A swim diaper is, so to speak, your baby's swimsuit and you can use it over and over again, even several times in a row on one swimming day. Make sure that the leg cuffs close well and the diaper fits well, so that the big deal stays in the swim diaper.

If your baby pees, it goes into the water, just like a disposable swim diaper. Since a swim diaper usually fits your baby for a very long time, 1-2 pieces per season are easily enough. Breast milk stool is also retained if the diaper fits well. But if you notice that your baby has done a big deal to you, please get out of the water quickly anyway, as the diaper won't last forever.

Lumina one-size swim diaper

Question 11

Do I need cloth diaper advice?

I tried to put together all of my cloth diapering knowledge here on this website. That's why I would be very happy if you read through the entire page here and also on other websites, blogs, YouTube videos and so on inquire about cloth diapers. From experience I can only say that you know a lot about cloth diapers, but are still unsure what YOU should really buy, at least that was the case for me.

It was also important to me to see and touch the cloth diapers. That's why I offer you different options:

  • You can go to one Workshop Come to have everything explained to you in detail and to give you an overview. We'll talk about possible questions and you can think about it in more detail.
  • During a personal cloth diaper consultation from one of our Consultants , of course, can best respond to your needs. Together you will see what is important to you and she can then put together exactly the right package for you personally.
  • Of course, we also offer online consultations. Sometimes that's enough to answer specific questions and make the final decisions. Please contact my colleague at
  • Have you already had a consultation and are already familiar with cloth diapers and want to test cloth diapers directly on your baby? Then there is the option of testing cloth diapers in a test package. Then you will know exactly what is suitable for you. If you would like to know more about this, please send us an email

So, depending on what type you are, I will make all my knowledge available to you here and you can see through it and decide for yourself. Or you would rather talk about it, then get in touch and we can find a solution together!

Cloth diaper advice


If not, we would also be happy if you tell us a topic that you would like us to cover in more detail in our blog so that we can offer you a comprehensive portfolio.

If you have any further questions, just send us an email and we will help you!


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