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8 facts about cloth diapers and their myths - then you'll think differently and also have great arguments

8 Fakten über Stoffwindeln und ihre Mythen - danach denkst du anders und hast auch noch tolle Argumente

In this blog post you will learn how to deal with skeptics, cynics, superstitious people, old-thinking people and the rest when it comes to the topic of modern cloth diapers, or are you still unsure about all these old myths?

8 facts about the prejudices about cloth diapers and as you will notice, very outdated perspectives.

Our parents and/or grandparents actually had a lot to do and often had bad experiences when it came to cloth diapers and it is understandable that they were incredibly happy when disposable diapers conquered the market. But as with so many things, cloth diapers have also become modern, practical and, above all, healthy. But what am I rambling here, let's get to the facts and myths!!

Myth 1

The chair is washed too, right?

Incorrect! You have a small, tear-resistant cloth called paper fleece. It's best to always put this at the top of the diaper. If your baby puts a stinky pile in your diaper, just take this paper and flush it down the toilet.

Admittedly, sometimes something gets stuck in the diaper, but you can simply wash the rest down the drain with a hard shower jet. And then into the machine.

Myth 2

Cloth diapers, they're those folded cloths with the disgusting plastic pants!

That's a long time ago! You can already use the classic muslin diapers, but there are so many great systems that you have more than enough alternatives.

The cloth diapers of 30 years ago have nothing to do with those of today, rather the opposite. I already know enough moms who become addicted to “their” cloth diapers!

Really true!

Modern cloth diapers are as easy to use as disposable diapers, except they are washed and not thrown away. They are just so beautiful that you love washing them and are happy when you can put them on your baby.

I know it sounds unbelievable, but there are hundreds of moms who are infected with the cloth diaper virus and will surely tell you.

Myth 3

That's definitely a lot of work with washing and boiling!

My washing routine with cloth diapers looks like this: Open the washing machine, put the diapers in, close the washing machine, add detergent, select the program, start. Complete. Do you dare to do that?

It's true that you'll have to pay attention to a few little things depending on which changing system you want to use, but don't let that put you off!

You have a modern washing machine and detergent to do the work for you.
Depending on how many cloth diapers you have, which system you use and how big your washing machine is, cloth diapers will require 2-3 more washes per week. Is that justifiable?

If your baby defecates quite liquidly in the diaper, then you only have to change the diaper and not wash the entire child. In this way, you might even end up doing less laundry! ;-)

Once you have disposed of the big thing in the toilet, the diapers go into the washing machine, which washes your diapers hygienically clean again at 60°C!

It's work, that's true, but it's different work. You don't always have to check whether you still have enough diapers at home and, in an emergency, rush out on Saturday evening to buy a pack of diapers. Instead, you take the laundry off the rack, fold it and be happy because your diapers are so cute ;)

Myth 4

Cloth diapers are so expensive!

If you buy cloth diapers, you will have to spend more money at once, that's right. In the long run, you'll get a lot cheaper with cloth diapers!

I'll tell you briefly:

Disposable diapers cost an average of €0.35 each. There are some around €0.20 and some around €0.50, but let's take the average.

A child needs around 5000 disposable diapers during a changing time of around 2.5 years (We all know that there are many children who are not yet dry at 2.5 years old)

That means the diapers cost an average of €1,750.

In a child.

The same amount applies again for each additional child.

A starter pack of cloth diapers costs around €300. You can use most of it for several children. With the diaper voucher you get around €100 for free in almost all of Austria.

Additional costs include around €200 for water, detergent and diaper fleece.

So compared again:

Cloth diapers:

  • 300€ initial equipment
  • 200€ additional consumption
  • €100 for additional favorite pieces
Total costs for the 1st child: €600
2nd child: €400
3: Child: €400 etc.
  • 3 children wrapped in cloth diapers: €1400
Disposable diapers:
1st child: 1750€
2nd child: 1750€
3rd child: 1750€
  • 3 children changed with disposable diapers: €5250

Is that too expensive?

Myth 5

The big baby bottom! The babies can't move at all!

Yes ok, the baby's bottom is bigger than that of the extra thin disposable diapers, but I would say depending on which system you use, a cloth diaper is the same size as a full disposable diaper.

So far I've only been asked about cloth diapers when changing diapers and not because the mommies noticed my babies' huge butts.

My children have been changed with cloth diapers since shortly after birth and their movement was certainly not restricted! They both run around the area just like any other child and it doesn't bother them one bit.

In addition, wide swaddling is great for your baby's hip development. Feel free to ask your pediatrician or a physiotherapist you trust.

Puppi wool diaper

Myth 6

Do they even hold tight? I heard that cloth diapers always leak!

Cloth diapers hold just as tight as disposable diapers, and usually even better!

Depending on the system, cloth diapers can absorb more liquid than disposable diapers, but if the diaper is already completely wet and your baby keeps sitting on it, it can get a little damp because the liquid is not converted into gel. But you quickly found your own changing rhythm so that this doesn't happen.

I can tell you from my own experience that, especially at the beginning, when the nursing chair or when I had diarrhea, the diaper was sometimes completely attached, but only the diaper. Not, as I've heard from other moms' experiences, the bodysuit and the whole baby.

There is the right cloth diaper system for every baby. Some babies peck frequently, but less often. Others can endure it for hours, but then a lot adds up!

You will quickly find out what type your baby is and can then choose the right system accordingly. If you are unsure, let me advise you or try out the cloth diapers in a test package first!

Puppi wool overpants grey

Myth 7

Cloth diapers are only for eco-friendly people!

So I now know a lot of cloth diaper parents and none of them are “eco.” These are all completely normal moms who think it's great to wear a washable diaper instead of a normal disposable diaper because the difference isn't much bigger! And we all want our children to grow up as healthy as possible in a world that they can still enjoy themselves. We can't influence everything, but there is a big part here.

I'm already thinking about the world in which I want my daughter to grow up, but there's nothing wrong with wanting to make this world a little better, right?

Doodush Sunflower Cover Pants

Myth 8

But the constant washing and then the tumble dryer also uses up a lot of resources!

Yes, that's right. But one Disposable diapers take approximately 500 years to decompose naturally. That's why they are burned in a landfill with the addition of fuel. A baby needs around 5,000 diapers during its changing time. That's 1.5 tons (!!) of garbage. For a baby.

On the other hand, there are around 25 cloth diapers that you can use for several children.

Well, if you always use a tumble dryer to dry the diapers, then the energy consumption is quite high. But since that's bad for your diapers, you're better off avoiding the tumble dryer anyway.

In the long run, it's a lot cheaper and more environmentally friendly if you buy 2-3 more diapers so that you don't have to worry about the diapers drying comfortably on the line.

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