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Cloth diapers are very simple - 4 systems explained quickly and easily

Stoffwindeln sind ganz einfach - 4 Systeme schnell und einfach erklärt

I realize that you may not see it that way when you start researching cloth diapers because there are so many different systems and brands. There is so much different information about cloth diapers out there that it's hard to get an overview.

That's why I always like to compare cloth diapers with cars and driving. You don't want to know all the technical details about your car, you don't know every brand and there are only certain types that are suitable for you.

You don't learn to drive in a day, but once you do, it's easy and you don't think about it anymore.

What others say about cloth diapers

That's all well and good, I think cloth diapers are great, that's for sure. But what do other parents say about cloth diapers?

Are cloth diapers really disgusting, inconvenient and expensive?

Do you have so much more work and is it really as complicated as some say?

Most concerns about cloth diapers come from people who have either not used them or from people who only know the cloth diapers that were around 30 years ago.

Modern cloth diapers are different, but let parents who use them tell you that.

Cloth diapers in 5 minutes

To give you a brief overview of how cloth diapers work, I have summarized everything you need to know about cloth diapers in a 5-minute video.

Yes, that's possible, because what really matters isn't much.

Take a look and see for yourself!

More about cloth diapers?!

Well, could I arouse your interest?

Have some concerns already been alleviated and you want to know more about them?

No problem, you'll get exactly the cloth diapering knowledge you're looking for in short, crisp videos. Without all the blah blah, I'll get straight to the point and you'll get exactly what's in the title.

So let’s start with the different types of cloth diapers.

There are different systems and cuts for how a cloth diaper can be constructed. Here I explain each system step by step.

System 1

All in One's - cloth diapers for on the go

Do you want to wrap quickly and easily? Then you will love All In Ones!

All in one means that all parts of the diaper are firmly connected to each other - all in one. They are structured like disposable diapers, so use them once and then throw them in the wash.
The All In Ones are ideal for boarding or for people who don't use cloth diapers that often. They are also very practical for on the go as you can use them straight away and nothing can fall out.
After changing, the entire diaper is washed, you let it dry and then the All In One is ready for use again.

So if you like uncomplicated things, this is the right place for you.

Wrapping interval: 3-4 hours

System 2

Pant diapers are great nighttime diapers

Do you have a long journey ahead of you or can't change diapers for a long time? Then the panty diaper is exactly what you are looking for!

With 2 panty systems, as the name suggests, two diaper pants are worn on top of each other. One diaper pant is responsible for absorbing the wetness and the second, the diaper cover, keeps the liquid back to the outside. Since the entire diaper pant functions as an absorbent body, a lot of liquid can be stored.
The 2 panty diaper is also very easy to use because you only have to close a pair of diaper pants twice.

This system is very suitable if you don't change diapers for a long time, such as at night, as the pant diapers last up to 12 hours.

System 3

Overpants with absorbent pads or 2 in 1 system

Do you like it flexible? The 2 in 1 systems give you all the freedom you need!

The system where you can combine what suits you is the hybrid diapers or 2 in 1 diapers. This is also where you have the largest selection and the most variations. Hybrid diapers are made up of a cover and the desired inserts. You can fasten the inserts inside the diaper with Velcro or press studs or place them between two flaps inside the overpants.
After changing, only the insert goes into the laundry; the cover can be used again straight away. If there is stool in the overpants, it goes into the laundry; if not, you can use it for a few days.

TIP: It is particularly effective if you use 2 overpants alternately.

So if you want to travel flexibly, this system is a good choice.

Wrapping interval: 2-4 hours

System 4

3 in 1 system - for slim babies

Actually, it is also a type of overpants with an absorbent insert, but with a small difference: 3 in 1 systems consist, as the name suggests, of 3 parts:

• Overpants made of cotton or other breathable materials
• a pocket made of PUL that keeps moisture out
• Inserts placed in the bag to absorb moisture

After changing the diaper, just swap the insert and move on! Here, too, you can save on laundry because only the inserts are washed at once.

Wrapping interval: 2-3 hours

Well, you can now see how easy cloth diapers are and you can choose your system to suit you and your child's needs, there is something for everyone!!

The motto here is simply growing up naturally.


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